Healthy Homes Standards

Ventilation is now compulsory in all rental homes in New Zealand, that is why El Contractor for your best convenience has partnered with EvolutionFX - EVOAQ (Evolution Air Quality), to help you to improve your rental properties and provide healthy homes standards for everyone. EVOAQ is a New Zealand Company made for NZ conditions.


They are designed specifically for rental properties, to keep the house ventilated at the optimal levels to maintain high Indoor Air Quality and to automatically extract any damp and polluted air from the source, making your property healthier and keeping your tenants happy while protecting your investment from dampness and mould damage.


The systems are based on the same technology as our ventilation standard and extraction systems. The main difference is that the landlord systems do not include any wall controller or switches for the tenant to play with. Our built-in software allows the fans to change speed automatically for optimal comfort and air quality with minimum user interaction.


  • Higher Energy Savings - through using highly efficient products and superior system controls.

  • Improve indoor comfort - will make tenants feel more satisfied and stay longer through healthy homes standards heating.

  • Fully automatic system operation - meaning no user interaction required.

EVOAQ air quality monitoring.png