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House Wash

Do you know that sense of pride to enjoy returning to a home that looks beautiful and welcoming? Well, el Contractor can definitely help you with that!
Wise Water Usage
When it comes to water usage, our company has its own water thanks that are topped up mainly with rainwater. With this system in place, we help our planet by not wasting water, while you can sit back, unworried about not being environmentally friendly.
Cleanliness of Your House
The condition of your roof, windows and walls may not affect you partly, but it can still have a major daily impact on your life. All that dirtiness, mould that accumulates in your house can bring awful allergic reactions, while lichen and bird droppings can actually harm your house as a whole, leading to costly repairs and maintenance.
Soft Water Blast Technique
So to ensure that your house will be mould, dirtiness free, el Contractor uses an anti-algae solution combined with a soft Water Blast technique, which blends two different water blast machines - one softer than the other -, making this way a proper wash according to each type of wall, windows and roof.
Therefore, just because it’s usually out of sight (for you, at least), doesn’t mean that your home should be out of mind. Take a step toward a safer, healthier and better-looking life: give us a call about getting your house washed today!