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Roof Treatment

Do you remember when was the last time you took a good look at your roof’s condition? Probably quite a while, right? 
Even though the roof is normally the last spot of our home to get the necessary attention, it isn’t the least important. Keeping your roof in good condition and well-maintained plays an important role in ensuring your entire house is healthy.
Why Should I Get my Roof Looked After?
Algae, mould and lichen will keep growing wherever they can on your home, but your roof is a weak spot as it gets less attention. The main problem with algae and lichen is the negative effect that can cause on your roof, potentially degrading and provoking leaks if not looked after. So apart from making look good, a roof treatment will also have a positive impact on your budget. 
Right products to your roof
There are different types of roofs out there, and it’s extremely important to use the right gear and products when cleaning them. That’s why we, at el Contractor, will always use a low-pressure water blast if you have a shingles roof, for example. Regarding the products, we only use the best environmentally friendly available roof treatment products in the market, where all the lichen, moss and mould will be removed.
Our team has your roof covered.
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