Clean Windows: Our Simple, ‘Secret’ Ingredient

Getting around to cleaning your windows is one of those things that can end up being put on the backburner far too often. Dirty windows are all too easy to ignore and doing it yourself always feels like a major operation, especially when the weather’s not perfect. Then there’s the fact that even if you do get out there with a hose and bucket, there’s often a sort of residue left behind which makes it look like you haven’t done the job properly. But don’t worry - there’s a better way.

One Key Ingredient

Getting professionals to give your windows a sparkling fresh look will take this pesky job off your own to-do list, but that’s not the only reason to get the pros involved. That residue you might have noticed after attempting some DIY window cleaning comes from minerals and other impurities - these elements are present in all tap water, and while they’re safe to consume, they’re not so great for making glass pristine. So how do the pros get around this? The answer is simpler than you might think: filtered water.

When taking care of exterior window cleaning, property maintenance companies like el Contractor use a specialised filter to ensure none of those impurities make it onto your windows in the first place. This means that professionally cleaned windows can really shine in a way that home cleaned windows aren’t ever likely to.

Why It Matters

So the DIY method doesn’t give windows quite the same ultra-clean look. “So what?” you might be asking. Well, here are just a few different reasons you might want to go the extra mile and hire a professional to get those windows pristine:

  • Presentation

Maybe you’ve got an open home coming up and are looking to make the house extra appealing - crystal clean windows do wonders for achieving that ‘picture perfect’ look.

  • Special Occasion

Getting the place spruced up for a special function or milestone birthday party? You’ll have everyone admiring how amazing your house looks, even if they can’t quite put their finger on why.

  • Deep Cleaning

Perhaps you’re moving out and need to get everything spotless before you leave, or you’ve left things way too long and the house needs a thorough top-to-bottom tidy up. Either way, you can avoid the stress and effort of a tricky, tiring job.

So next time you notice that your windows are getting a bit grimy, don’t feel like it’s all on your plate. Have a chat to the team at el Contractor and we’ll see how we can get those windows cleaner than you ever thought possible.

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