Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Gutter Cleaning

It’s a grubby, cold and dangerous job often put off by most homeowners, which inevitably can cause awful consequences. The accumulation of dirt, debris and leaves can cause problems ranging from overflows, guttering damage and in more extreme cases, in-house leaks.


El Contractor follows a smart three-step process which consists of the following:


  • Removal of all dirt, leaves and debris by hand.

  • Pipes blockages check.

  • Flush gutter cleaning with a hose or in some cases we soft water blast to make sure everything is out of the way.

So if you’d like to avoid all the mess and hassle, give us a call on 021 026 02500 and let us do the dirty job for you! 


Other gutter related services:

  • Gutter leaking repairs

  • Gutter Replacement