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  • Bruno Hebling

The Magic of a Fresh Coat of Paint

Getting the house painted is one of those jobs that secretly we all hope we’ll never have to do. It’s a hugely labour-intensive task for a start, and not the most interesting way to spend a weekend. But the fact is, sometimes giving a house a fresh coat of paint is unavoidable. Getting professionals in to do the hard yards is almost always the best option (and certainly the most convenient choice), but why bother with house painting in the first place? There are a couple of different reasons you might want to spruce up that exterior.

A Healthy House

It’s not the sexiest reason, but sometimes your house just needs some good old fashioned maintenance. Most of the time we think of paint as just a wash of colour that goes on the walls, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Paint can also protect the physical integrity of a house, playing a role in waterproofing, rust prevention and fighting mould.

Unsurprisingly, the paint on a house exterior takes quite a beating, having to contend with wear and tear from the sun, rain, acidic bird droppings and more. Exterior house paint is designed to deal with all these elements of course, but over a long period of time even the best coat of paint will start to degrade. This can lead to chipping, fading, and peeling, which is not only unsightly but also exposes the underlying materials to damage. Sorting out your house with a fresh coat(s) of paint provides the protection that such a valuable asset deserves.

Keeping Up Appearances

Having a house that looks lovely at first sight is always nice, but sometimes it’s more than just a “nice to have”. There aren’t many elements that make a bigger difference to domestic first impressions than a freshly painted house, and in some circumstances that first impression is crucial. The most obvious example of this is when you’re looking to sell your house. Whether you’re getting ready for an open home or an auction, the shiny clean look of a perfectly painted house is always appealing. Even better, people generally notice this subconsciously - so instead of noting that you’ve had some work done on the place, they’ll just have a more positive impression of the house. It’s no secret that when a house looks more appealing, the price goes up accordingly.

If the outside of your house is starting to look a little shabby, or you need your place to really shine, get in touch with the team at El Contractor and we’ll have your house looking amazing in no time.

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