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Stewardship Scheme

We have create a new project to design out waste from the services we provide, we have name it; Made to Regenerate  which is a stewardship scheme in collaboration with other painting companies around Auckland region to support New Zealand commitment to a Circular Economy.
We are taking unwanted paint and packaging's colourful past to a brighter future of responsible disposal and innovative reuse.


What’s a Product stewardship in New Zealand?

We all need to help reduce the impacts of manufactured products on our environment. When a producer, brand owner, importer, retailer or consumer accepts responsibility for reducing a product’s environmental impact, we call this product stewardship.
Learn more about New Zealand Stewardship Scheme.

Realising New Zealand’s Circular Economy Opportunity
Moving from our traditional "take, make, and waste" economy to a self-sustaining, waste-free, nature-friendly model is the solution for Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.
The essential concept at the heart of the circular economy is to "ensure we can unmake everything we make".
What’s  Made to Regenerate ?

This project has recently been formed to design out waste from our services process and create a pathway for unwanted and unused paint and its packaging to be recovered.  The co-designed, regulated stewardship scheme will collect the materials which will be processed and either recycled, repurposed or safely disposed of.
This is not only an example of an industry taking responsibility for its products but also showing leadership by designing a solution of its own. After all, industry has the best understanding of its products and supply chain – something which is vital to create a successful stewardship scheme.

How it works

Recycling – Re purpose 

According to Resene, more than six litres of household paint is sold each year for each and every person here. That's a lot of paint particularly as much of it is left sitting in paint containers and ends up in landfills. There are lots of ways you can reduce this burden on the environment...

We have name our scheme  as Made to Regenerate in which  We’ll be collecting and donating to community groups for their activities, disposing old paint to appropriate council plants and setting local recycling paint collection points. The community will also take advantage of our mobile showroom and bring unwanted paint and paint containers  and let us recycle or dispose of them responsibly.

Paint packaging is primarily made of either steel or recyclable plastic. The plastic can be collected, shredded and made back into house holds, furniture, art, et… as part of a circular economy solution, while steel is recycled through local scrap metal dealers. Paint too has solutions for recycling or repurposing, which are constantly evolving.

New Zealand’s paint industry is the latest to move forward with creating an industry-led product stewardship program.
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