Carpet Cleaning

Most of the time is perfectly fine to run a vacuum cleaner around the house once in a while, but every now and again you need something a little more heavy-duty. El Contractor offers a range of services that will have your carpet smelling, looking and feeling its best.

Why choose us:

Transparent rate
El Contractor will run a pre-assessment in your carpet so we can understand your needs and give you an accordingly price.

We ensure to find the most convenient time for you and your family.

Customer Satisfaction at its core
Not happy with the outcome? We will give it another go until we see you happy.

It can be easy to ignore grimy carpets (at least for a while) but it makes such a huge difference to how your house looks and feels when they’ve had a proper clean. Don’t leave your carpet at grime’s mercy, chat with us today and we’ll sort you out with a free quote!