Need help with Painting?

We elevate your home, bringing life to your walls with colours.

Property Solutions

El Contractor is a reliable, efficient and cost effective property maintenance.

Paint & Plaster

Our team can complete your interior, exterior, and roof commercial paint job in a fraction of the time, using the safest and most appropriate materials, on time, and to budget.

House Wash

Do you know that sense of pride to enjoy returning to a home that looks beautiful and welcoming? Well, El Contractor can definitely help you with that!

Roof treatment

Even though the roof is normally the last spot of our home to get the necessary attention, it isn’t the least important. Keeping your roof in good condition and well-maintained plays an important role in ensuring your entire house is healthy.

Gutter Cleaning

The accumulation of dirt, debris and leaves can cause problems ranging from overflows, guttering damage and in more extreme cases, in-house leaks.

Why choose us: ​

Transparent rate

El Contractor will run a pre-assessment so we can understand your needs and give you an accordingly price.


We ensure to find the most convenient time for you and your family.

Customer Satisfaction at its core

Not happy with the outcome? We will give it another go until we see you happy.

About us!

Starting out as a one-man band, we are quickly growing into a larger, company providing a comprehensive range of property maintenance services to a number of Auckland’s leading commercial property managers as well as LJHooker; Endeavour; Property Assistant; among others.


We may have just gone into business officially in the first quarter of 2017, but our team consists of professionals who have over a decade of experience. 


As we are qualified to deliver excellent services, you are guaranteed to have less to worry regarding your facilities and operations. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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