Over Your Head: Keeping a Roof in Good Nick

When was the last time you took a good look at the state of your roof? It’s been a while, right? And fair enough too – it’s a lot of trouble to give your roof any more than a cursory, ground-level glance. But keeping a roof over your head sometimes involves… making sure the roof actually stays over your head. Without the right kind of attention, even the best-made roofs will degrade over time. Fortunately, roof cleaning and treatment goes a long way towards avoiding major repairs and long term damage. How exactly? Read a little further to find out.

Hey Good Lookin’

All practicalities aside, restoring your roof to its former ‘glory’ can actually make a real difference to the overall look of your house. Up close it won’t be so noticeable of course, but as people are coming up to a house, a clean roof contributes significantly to a fresh, tidy impression. A professional roof clean will do the trick in the short term, and having it professionally treated will see that squeaky clean look lasting much longer.

Roof Treatment

Stay Dry Up High

Not everyone cares that much about how their roof looks, but every single homeowner cares deeply about their roof staying watertight. Over time, nature’s various elements gang up to give your roof a really hard time – it really does take the brunt of the damage that sun, rain and passing birds deal out. None of these factors work quickly, but eventually, this wear and tear can start eroding your roofing materials to the point that water makes its way inside. By removing crud and treating the roof, you’ll be knocking leaks on the head before they even happen.

It’s Growing On Me

Mould and algae will grow wherever they can on your house, but a roof is particularly vulnerable as it receives less attention. If you wait till the problem is easily noticeable, things will already have gone too far. Mould can cause allergy and sickness, while algae and lichen have the potential to degrade the roof itself – but a good clean combined with professional roof treatment will stop these nasties in their tracks, or at the very least slow them down significantly.

Care Now, Save Later

A roof degraded or eroded by natural elements doesn’t just have practical consequences: it has financial ones too. Replacing roofing materials like tiles and concrete is very expensive, and as damage accumulates, that may be what you need to do. When the damage is prevented in the first place with timely roof treatment, you pay a little upfront, but save big in the long run.

The El Contractor team has your roof covered – just get in touch with us to chat about how we can keep your roof safe and your house dry.

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