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Why Bother With House Washing?

Even when you decide to go on an all-out home cleaning frenzy, sprucing the place up from top to bottom, there’s one part of the house that almost always gets neglected: the outside. It can be easy to just step right through the front door without even taking a real look at how grimy a house is getting, but there are genuine benefits to getting the exterior properly washed - and it’s not just about looking good. So why exactly should you consider getting a house exterior professionally cleaned?

Just Good Business

If the house in question isn’t your home, the answer is easy. If this is your place of business or a house you’re preparing for show or auction, the aesthetic beauty and cleanliness is reason enough, for a start. While homeowners may fail to notice their house getting progressively more shabby, customers and potential buyers aren’t so forgiving. First impressions are powerful, and an exterior marred by algae, mould, bird droppings and sediment creates an instantly noticeable negative effect. For businesses, even the footpath outside the frontage will benefit from a power clean, and can set you apart from nearby stores in the best way. Then there are health and safety considerations around allergens (both mould and pollen build-up can be a problem) and slipping hazards (algae is not anyone’s friend here).

Home (Sweet?) Home

As a homeowner, the cleanliness of your walls, roof and windows may not affect your bottom line, but it can still have a major impact on your day-to-day life. Accumulated pollen and mould can lead to unpleasant allergic reactions, and over time even more serious health issues, while algae, lichen and bird droppings can actually start to break down the materials your house is made of, potentially leading to leaks and costly repairs. Then of course there’s the sense of pride to enjoy from returning to a home that looks fresh and welcoming. Keeping your home in tidy condition often falls to the bottom of a crowded priority list, but it really shouldn’t. This is where you spend most of your free time - the place that you invite guests to, and raise your kids in. Seen in that light, getting your house professionally washed from time to time starts to make a lot of sense.

Just because it’s often out of sight (for you, at least) doesn’t mean that your building exterior should be out of mind. Take a step toward a safer, healthier and better-looking life: find out about getting your house washed today.

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